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Posts by David Kerner

TouchPoint Property Management’s Rental Maintenance Process

  In this vlog, I’d like to discuss Touchpoint Property Management’s maintenance process Maintenance is one of the most important aspects of rental property management because there is a direct correlation between how well the property is maintained and how well it will perform financially. Let me explain…. In order to make more profit and…

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Your rental property is on the market what to expect

Your property is officially on the market with TouchPoint Property Management   What does this mean? 1-We have taken professional pictures and a walk-through video tour of your property 2-In the next 48 hours…Your listing will appear on over 100 high traffic websites for prospective renters to see online. 3-Your home has been listed on…

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Coronavirus (COVID19) and Rent Update

Coronavirus (COVID19) and Rent Update     Although the repercussions of the Coronavirus are not fully known, I want to let you know that TouchPoint Property Management is actively working to minimize any impact it could have on your rental property. Lets first acknowledge that we are all in this together. You, Us, and your…

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Earning Equity on Rental Properties

This video shows Investors the different ways that equity can be earned by owning a rental property. 1-Tenant Pays down mortgage 2-Property value appreciates on average historically 3% each year 3-Rent prices increase by 2-3% each year 4-Tax ride offs.

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